Juries of the Year

Pre Jury

  • Jannik Dahl Petersen
  • Judith Elisabeth Breuning
  • Ulrich Breuning
  • Ulrik Sass
  • Pil Lindgreen
  • Henrik Rud Christensen
  • Nicole Kjærsgaard Jensen
  • Malene Nelting Jepsen
  • Ditte Drehn
  • Sara Koppel
  • Allan Grønvall Pedersen
  • Charlotte Munck
  • Michael Møller
  • Jacob Pilgaard
  • Ida Rud
  • Nicklas Clark


Birgitte Weinberger, Christian Gamst Miller-Harris & Sara Koppel.
Danish Competition: Birgitte Weinberger, Christian Gamst Miller-Harris, Sara Koppel & Michael Asmussen.

Amalie Næsby Fick 
Amalie graduated as an animation film director from The Danish Film School in 2016. Her graduation film, Ztripes (2016), won Politiken Fonden’s award for Best Short Film for Children at CPH:PIX and the audience award at OFF16. Amalie previously co-wrote and directed Den utrolige historie om den kæmpestore pære (2017), which received two prestigious Robert awards in Denmark. She also directed the critically acclaimed tv-series Sex (2020), which premiered earlier this year, and most recently she started production of her next feature film, Little Allan, the human antenna, which will premiere in 2022.

Mazen Haj Kassem
Head of festivals, actor, producer and director from Syria. Mazen is the festival manager and founder of the film festival Syriske Dage, which introduced its audience to Syrian culture for the past two years.  Mazen Haj Kassem directed the TV series Power in Denmark (2017) and the short film Knus, in which he was also involved as a producer and actor. Aside from Knus, Mazen Haj Kassem also appeared in the feature films The Nile Hilton Incident (2017) and Ditte & Louise (2018).

Morten Kaufmann
Producer educated from The Danish Film School in 1995. He worked at Nimbus Film until 2011 when he founded Toolbox Film in collaboration with producer colleague Signe Leick Jensen. He produced a large number of award-winning films, including Jagten (2012) which won an award at Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for an Oscar. Most recently, he produced the feature film Ser Du Månen, Daniel which was recognized both at the Bodil Awards and at the Robert Awards in 2020.    


Sun Hee Engelstoft
Sun Hee Engelstoft was educated as documentary film director at The Danish Film School in 2011 and as a photographer at Fatamorgana The Danish School of Art Photography in 2007. Sun Hee Engelstoft recently directed the documentary Forget Me Not which was filmed in South Korea and is about women’s rights in the international abortion industry. The film premiered in 2019 at CPH:DOX and was selected for the main competition at Nordic Panorama. The film was nominated for a Bodil Award and a Robert Award for Best Documentary.

Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck
is the head of Berlinale Shorts, the competition for short films at the Berlinale. She has been working for film festivals as programmer, moderator or member of the jury for more than 20 years and co-founded shorts/salon. Her primary focus is on the short form. She teaches film theory and video practice at various art schools. Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck also conceives and realizes video installations for stage works, concerts and exhibitions.

Rasmus Botoft
Danish actor educated at The Acting School at Aarhus Theatre in 1999. He has previously been part of the ensemble at The Royal Danish Theatre. Together with Martin Buch, Rasmus Botoft created the radio show Rytteriet, which evolved into a TV show as well as live shows at Bellevue Teatret, Tivoli’s Glassalen and Århus Musikhus. Rasmus also appeared in a number of films and TV series, including Lykke (DR), Isas Stepz (DR), Arvingerne (DR), Mercur (TV2) and most recently Badehotellet (TV2).

Charlotte de la Gournerie
Charlotte de la Gournerie is a producer and co-owner at Sun Creature Studio. She is currently producing several major animated projects (both feature films and series) and shares her experience in production and crowd-funding in talks and lectures around Europe. Since early 2020, she is the CEO of the Sun Creature France in Bordeaux.

Michael Wikke
Film director, producer, writer and actor as well as part of the duo Wikke & Rasmussen who created legendary works such as Russian Pizza Blues (1992), Hannibal og Jerry (1997), Flyvende farmor (2001) and most recently Gooseboy (2019), which won the award for Best Children’s and Youth Film at the Robert Awards in Denmark in 2020.
Earlier this year, Michael Wikke received an honorary award at the Bodil Awards in Denmark together with film partner Steen Rasmussen in recognition of their work in film and TV. He started his career in film as a young boy by creating animation films, and the love for animation has been with him ever since.

Johan Oettinger
Film director specialised in stop motion animation. Johan Oettinger’s film debut, Seven Minutes in the Warshaw Ghetto, was shown at more than 120 different festivals across the world and received several awards, including the Special Distinction at Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2012. Most recently Johan created the short films Walk With Me (2013) and Ragnarok (2016).


Mathias Broe
Educated as film director from Super16. As a filmmaker he works on transforming his personal ideas into universal stories, and he often blends fiction and documentary with the performative arts. Mathias won Pitch Me Baby at OFF17 with his project Amphi, which went on to win a Robert Award for Best Documentary Short in early 2020. Mathias currently works on a magical children’s feature film with Metafilm.

Anne Gry Friis Kristensen
Sound artist, filmmaker, composer and sound designer from The Danish Film School in 2013. She worked as sound designer, composer and sound designer on feature films, documentaries, short films, computer films and exhibitions. In 2018 Anne Gry Friis also debuted as a director with the short film Entrance to the End, which was nominated in the competition NEXT:WAVE at CPH:DOX, and in 2020 she received two Robert nominations for Best Score and Best Sound Designer for her work on the feature film Harpiks (2019).

Ellen Hillingsø
Ellen Hillingsø is a trained actress who graduated from The Acting School at Aarhus Theatre in 1994, and she debuted in Ole Bornedal’s TV series Charlot og Charlotte (1996). Throughout her career Ellen has starred in many other TV series, movies and theatre productions, including the feature film Sekten (1997), for which she received a Robert award for Best Female in a Supporting Role, and the feature film Eksperimentet (2011), for which she was nominated for Best Female in a Leading Role at the Bodil awards and the Robert awards in Denmark. Most recently Ellen Hillingsø has starred in the two Danish TV series Rita and Store Lars.

Munkebjergskolen 9.A:

YAY! – For the second year in a row, we’ve been asked to act as Youth Jury at OFF – Odense International Film Festival!
Last year was an unforgettable experience, at we are incredibly happy that once again we get to pick our favorite film. We weren’t expecting to get re-elected, so we were extremely happy when Birgitte Weinberger asked us to come back for another round.

As we were also acting as Youth Jury last year, we now have more experience and knowledge of what makes a great short film. Not least because we were taught be the one and only Ulrich Breuning! Needless to say, we will bring our expertise into our work as a jury at OFF20. We, the seven members of the jury, have very different personalities, and we are ready for the interesting challenge of having to agree on one single winner.

We are deeply engaged with the short film genre – which we are also working on mastering in our everyday school work. We have a sense of community, are great at working together and listen to each other’s opinions. We are 100 percent dedicated to finding the right winner.

Liva, Didan, Signe, Truong, Katrine, Mia-Maja and Mille.

9.A, Munkebjergskolen in Odense

Kim Magnusson
Producer and founder of the company M&M Productions in 1995. As M&M Productions he won four Oscars, most recently in 2014 for Danish director Anders Walter’s short film Helium. In 2010 he founded Dansk Film Kompagni, and he also co-founded the new pan-Nordic distribution company SCANDINAVIAN as well as the production company TALES INC. Furthermore, Kim Magnussen has been the chair of Producerforeningen for the past nine years and of Danmarks Film Akademi for the past 20 years.

Solbjørg Højfeldt
Gratuated from Aalborg Teater in 1977. She had her breakthrough performance in the movie Slingrevalsen (1981), for which she won a Bodil award. Since then Solbjørg Højfeldt has appeared in movies such as Zappa (1983), Drengene fra Sankt Petri (1991), Ditte og Louise (2018), Lila (2018) og Selvmordsturisten, as well as award-winning tv shows: Riget (1994-97) created by Lars Von Trier, Herrrens Veje (2017-18) and Den som dræber (2020).

Sara Koppel
Award-winning animator with more than 30 years of experience in the film business. Sara Koppel previously worked on well-known Danish animated films, TV commercials and short films. I 2002 she founded her own animation studio, Naked Love Film & Koppel Animation, where she now works creatively and independently on hand-drawn projects.

Ulaa Salim
Ulaa Salim graduated as a film director from The Danish Film School in 2017. His graduation film Land of Our Fathers (2017) was nominated for Best Short Fiction/Animation Short at the Robert awards in Denmark. He went on to write and direct the feature film Sons of Denmark (2019) which won several awards, including Arbejdernes Landsbank’s talent award at the Bodil awards in 2020. Together with Daniel Mühlendorph, Salim is also a co-founder of the production company Hyæne Film.

Adam August
Script writer educated from The Danish Film School and John Truby’s Writing Studio in Los Angeles. He is a writer of short films, TV series and feature films, and he won a Bodil Award for Underverden in 2017. Adam was also a writer on the Danish TV show BEDRAG III which won several of Robert Awards.

Advisory Board

Karoline Leth, Charlotte Munck, Per Westergaard, Ole Jørgensen & Ronnie Hansen