Juries of the Year

Pre Jury

Kim Magnusson
Producer and founder of the company M&M Productions in 1995. As M&M Productions he won four Oscars, most recently in 2014 for Danish director Anders Walter’s short film Helium. In 2010 he founded Dansk Film Kompagni, and he also co-founded the new pan-Nordic distribution company SCANDINAVIAN as well as the production company TALES INC. Furthermore, Kim Magnussen has been the chair of Producerforeningen for the past nine years and of Danmarks Film Akademi for the past 20 years.

Solbjørg Højfeldt
Gratuated from Aalborg Teater in 1977. She had her breakthrough performance in the movie Slingrevalsen (1981), for which she won a Bodil award. Since then Solbjørg Højfeldt has appeared in movies such as Zappa (1983), Drengene fra Sankt Petri (1991), Ditte og Louise (2018), Lila (2018) og Selvmordsturisten, as well as award-winning tv shows: Riget (1994-97) created by Lars Von Trier, Herrrens Veje (2017-18) and Den som dræber (2020).

Sara Koppel
Award-winning animator with more than 30 years of experience in the film business. Sara Koppel previously worked on well-known Danish animated films, TV commercials and short films. I 2002 she founded her own animation studio, Naked Love Film & Koppel Animation, where she now works creatively and independently on hand-drawn projects.

Ulaa Salim
Ulaa Salim graduated as a film director from The Danish Film School in 2017. His graduation film Land of Our Fathers (2017) was nominated for Best Short Fiction/Animation Short at the Robert awards in Denmark. He went on to write and direct the feature film Sons of Denmark (2019) which won several awards, including Arbejdernes Landsbank’s talent award at the Bodil awards in 2020. Together with Daniel Mühlendorph, Salim is also a co-founder of the production company Hyæne Film.

Adam August
Script writer educated from The Danish Film School and John Truby’s Writing Studio in Los Angeles. He is a writer of short films, TV series and feature films, and he won a Bodil Award for Underverden in 2017. Adam was also a writer on the Danish TV show BEDRAG III which won several of Robert Awards.