”Expect the unexpected” – OFF is outlook to the world and insight into one self. A break from the grey everyday life, where obligation is replaced by adventurous desire. Desire for more. Desire for something new. Every year ’Brandts Klædefabrik’ in Odense is transformed into a magical site, and everyone is invited to enjoy experiences, that cover the entirety of the emotional spectrum.

OFF celebrates the short film format as media and art form, and above all, all the creative individuals who put their heart and soul into creating short films. In the days leading up to the festival, we receive thousands of short films, both Danish and international, and our carefully selected jury picks out the very best to be shown at our festival. The films are shown in sessions of five to eight short films, which last up to two hours. If the filmmakers are present at the festival, they will be at the screenings to talk about their films and answer questions from the audience.

Every year, the festival ends with a grand award show with ovations and celebration, where the winners will be announced and celebrated of the four competitions: The International Competition, the Danish Competition, the Animation Competition, along with our newest addition; the Documentary Competition.