Life is Sacred (Colombias kamp for fred)

Andreas Dalsgaard -Denmark, Colombia
2014 — Documentary — English subtitles — Final Cut for Real — sisse@derspielplatz.dk

The unconventional professor and politician Antana Mockus is fighting for fundamental changes and peace, in the ever bloody Colombia, with weapons like pencils, flowers, flashmobs and mimes.

We follow Antana Mockus and one of his idealistic youth leaders, the 22 year old Katherine Miranda. With their colourful band of followers, they fight against powerful and corrupt opponents, but have to realise, that the road to change in a society this corrupt, is more difficult than you can imagine.

The fight for peace and democracy demands smart winners and fair loosers, especially in one of the most violent countries in the world. But victories can come in the most unexpected forms. The pricewinning danish instructor has followed Antanas Mockus and Katherine Miranda and their unique approach to politics for five years.

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