Nice to know for guests

We are happy to welcome you to OFF – Odense International Film Festival, for a week of not only fantastic short films, but also to experience one of the oldest and most exciting cities in Denmark.

Every year, OFF – Odense International Film Festival invites everyone from near and far to take part in the festivities in week 35.

The festival area is located in the heart of Odense, in the area around Brandts Klædefabrik. All screening venues are situated within this area.

From CPH Airport with train
You can take the train directly from CPH Airport to Odense Station. You can get tickets in the ticket machines in the arrival hall or you can book the tickets on DSB’ website or app. If you order tickets in good time, you can get Orange tickets, which are cheaper than normal train tickets. REMEMBER there is a seat requirement due to Covid19. Find tickets here.

From CPH Airport with bus
You can take the flixbus directly from CPH Airport to Ørbækvej, Odense. It is often cheaper than the train. Book the tickets in advance. Find tickets here.

Flixbus: From Ørbækvej, Odense to Odense Station
It is possible to take multiple busses from Ørbækvej to Odense Station. You can check rejseplanen, where you can find bus routes from Ørbækvej to Odense Station. It is not possible to pay with cash in the busses. Instead you can use rejsekort, Mobilebillet-app or you can buy a ticket on webshop.fynbus.dk

From Odense Station to OFF
When arriving at Odense Station, you can go to your hotel or straight to the festival. It is a short walk of approx. 1 km. Or you can take a free citybus from Odense Station. The bus is called 10C and they are easy to recognize as they are all pink. They leave from area B at the Station and runs every 10 minute Monday-Friday from 9-17, and Saturdays from 11-16. To get to OFF you have to get off at Pantheonsgade across from Café biografen, where most screenings are. See the citybus route here.

At OFF we adhere to the health authorities’ guidelines with regard to Covid-19, and we take all necessary precautions regarding good hygiene and safety. OFF takes all employees’ and guests’ health and safety very seriously, and we wish for you to feel safe in case you pay us a visit in week 35.

Therefore, OFF20 was a little different compared to previous years. In order for festival guests to be able to keep appropriate social distance at the screening venues, only every second seat was sold, which meant that there was fewer tickets than usual available for the screenings, and hence the programmes might sold out faster. For OFF21 we are keeping some of the same precautions according to rules from the Danish Authorities to make a safe experience for our audience.

Extra actions at OFF21:

  • Valid tickets is mandatory for all programmes at the festival.
  • Fewer big outdoor events, receptions and parties.
  • All venues will be cleaned continuously throughout the week, and hand sanitizer is available at all relevant spots.
  • All of our screenings are complied with the social distancing guidelines and regulations towards seatingarrangements.
  • We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the health authorities’ guidelines, and naturally to stay home in case you have experienced any symptoms whatsoever.

Furthermore, we created a digital platform so that no matter your health situation or geographical whereabouts, you can able to get access to OFF’s amazing films. Check it out here.