European Film College

Talent! Talent! Talent!

At European Film College, the Danish folk high school values, community and community singing are combined with intense training in filmmaking, from initial idea to the big screen. Together with young people from all over the world, students get to try out all the major fields in filmmaking, while at the same time developing as human beings and experiencing a togetherness like no where else. European Film College is a place, where you get to try out things and make mistakes in a safe environment. It is a place where you learn about corporation, compassion and creative processes. The teaching language is English, and 50% of the students come from other countries than Denmark

Films in the programme:

”Parat” (Ready)
13 min
Jonathan Schmidt og Karl Bang

”Það varst þú” (It Was You)
11 min
Oscar Wilkki

“I sengen er vi rene og tørre og varme mod hinanden” (Queer Representation)
12 min
Cecilie Schnell Petersen

”Du är min pappa, min vän” (You Are My Dad, My Friend)
17 min
Estelle Sträng

”Mon Emil”
18 min
Tamar Gefen


Thursday 01-09-2022 kl. 12:30 Cafebio 2