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You find North Atlantic House in the harbor area of Odense, where the focus is on the three North Atlantic countries Greenland, The Faro Islands and Iceland. North Atlantic House has been part of the international film festival OFF for nine years. This year the audience can experience the film Tsumu, that portraits the young generation in the East Greenlandic town Tasiilaq. In the dramatic short-movie Heartless the main characters experience heartache and anxiety when they are assigned new spouses by lottery as it is done every seven years in their society. In Handanland the main character is consumed by grief and ventures into the mountains with no intention of returning.
This event is admission free.

Films in the Programme:

15 min
Barbara Lervig
Faroes Islands

44 min
Katrin Joensen-Næs
Faroes Islands


Wednesday 31-08-2022 kl. 18:30 Nordatlantisk Hus