The Main Competition, Competition -Age limit:16+

The short film is a genre as multifaceted as ever! Harsh reality abounds in the 50 international films in this year’s main competition. The strongest films have been selected from a field of 4077 entries by pre-selection and selection juries. Now, the main competition jury will make the final choice for this year’s recipients of the awards.


Monday 29-08-2022 kl. 22:00 Cafebio 1 81tickets available Buy tickets
Wednesday 31-08-2022 kl. 14:45 Cafebio 2 36tickets available Buy tickets
Friday 02-09-2022 kl. 12:45 Cafebio 3 23tickets available Buy tickets
Saturday 03-09-2022 kl. 09:45 Momentum Bio 82tickets available Buy tickets