Live podcast

By night, Focus - Age limit: 16+

This event is in Danish.

See the sound happen, when our podcast “Short is Sweet” is going LIVE during OFF21. Your hosts, leader of OFF Birgitte Weinberger and actor Claus Riis Østergaard, chats about short films exactly like they always do: no one gives out stars or reviews; they aren’t experts, just two friends sharing their experience with the film in question, good or bad.

At the end of each episode the hosts share a piece of music, resembling the vibe, the theme, their thoughts of the movie, they just talked about. All of the tracks is currently on a playlist on Spotify and after the live recording of the podcast, we will have a playlist-party, a musical dance down memory lane containing everything from the hits you euphorically scream along to and the tender tunes that triggers the tears.

Short is Sweet is our Danish podcast, mostly like a very including club of the kind where you do nothing but share your love of short films. Each episode the hosts talk about a short film, which they watched together but apart – as well as the audience is able to. Every movie which is chatted up in the podcast is available for free online, so everybody can chime in and be a part of the club. The podcast celebrates the short in all its shapes and sizes.


Friday 03-09-2021 kl. 20:00 Frølageret