MSiB - "Who am I?"

OFF For Kids and Teens -Age limit:14+

This screening includes the programme "Who am I?" a short film programme with 4 short films in total themed around identity. The chosen films and topics are relevant and important for students to discuss and learn more about, while learning about the world around them through relatable films. The films in the programme take us far and wide to animations and fiction from the Faroes Islands, the Netherlands, Denmark and South Korea.

For this programme OFF collaborates with The Danish Film Institute in the project which is called “To the cinema with school” (Med Skolen I Biografen/MSiB). The initiative invites school classes (ages 14-19) into the cinema for a short film programme, they might not see otherwise. As part of the initiative, a didactic material is developed, so the students can work with the films in school after seeing it in the cinema.

With this programme, we wish to open the eyes of students and teachers alike to the many qualities and values of short films and advocate for the use of short films in education.

You can find the online, didactic material HERE. The material is in Danish


Monday 29-08-2022 kl. 10:00 Momentum Bio
Monday 29-08-2022 kl. 12:15 Momentum Bio
Wednesday 31-08-2022 kl. 10:00 Momentum Bio
Wednesday 31-08-2022 kl. 12:15 Momentum Bio
Friday 02-09-2022 kl. 10:00 Momentum Bio
Friday 02-09-2022 kl. 12:15 Momentum Bio