Pitch Me Better

Behind the scenes

This event is in Danish

What’s crucial when you apply for funding for your short film idea? Well… don’t be scared to be a bit strategic, and don’t forget to familiarize yourself well with who you are seeking funding from.

Jeanette Noer from Danish Writers Guild and screenwriter Jacob Katz, board member of the same guild, are co-organizers of OFF's honored pitching competition Pitch me Baby and have both worked their way through hundreds of pitches over the years. With the use of fictionalized, entertaining examples - from the skilled to the really creative - they will share their advice on what a good pitch and a good strategy can look like.

The presentation will last 15-20 minutes and afterwards there will be plenty of room to ask questions.

The event is supported by Spar Nord Fonden.


Thursday 01-09-2022 kl. 11:00 Frølageret