Thomas Vinterberg

Behind the scenes, Focus - Age limit: 16+

Thomas Vinterberg is an outstanding Danish film director. He was accepted into The National Danish Film School in 1989 as the youngest student ever. Together with Lars von Trier and others, Thomas created the famous Dogme Manifest and its "Vows of Chastity" to let the story and acting shine, instead of focusing on the visuals. Thomas got his big breakthrough with the Dogme film The Celebration, which won the jury’s special prize in Cannes. It also appears on several lists over the world’s best films ever. Since then, Thomas has for example made the film The Hunt, which won 3 prizes at Cannes Film Festival. Thomas will talk about his films and give out tips and ideas. Organized in collaboration with TheNextFilmFestival.

Foto: Marc Høm



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