Momentum Bio

Theater Momentum is located in Odense, at Ny Vestergade 18. Both the theater hall and the cinema at Momentum are new venues at Odense International Film Festival, a collaboration we are very proud of. The cinema has a capacity of 85 people.

The theatre itself was established in 2005 and it only features shows which are under the branch of modern drama. Teater Momentum receives public funding from the municipality of Odense and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The structure of the theatre is special as every season is different from the preceding one. Every new season, a new team of actors and an artistic director will take over the production of the plays shown at the theatre. Furthermore, the ensemble have to fulfill some goals set forth by the theatre’s Artistic Committee. Because the team only have one season to deliver their vision of a new, innovative theatre, it is a different and exciting experience and a challenge as well for them.

Teater Momentum
Ny Vestergade 18
5000 Odense C