60 seconds circus film


60secondscircusfilm is a brand-new international competition for circus films with the duration of only one minute, initiated by DYNAMO Workspace and OFF – Odense International Film Festival in Denmark.


Create a film of 60 seconds
All genres are accepted
No limits regarding production year
Theme circus
Submit on Filmfreeway – no fee
Deadline for submission 21th of May


“Circus” can be widely interpreted: As artistry, ideas, inspiration, narrative, wild physicality and hugely specific details. Just as contemporary circus itself, we wish to set this first edition of the competition free from restrictions and genre-definition but ask you to be creative and curious towards the opportunities the mash up between film media and circus art present.

What happens when the circus body enters the screen? Which opportunities arise when highly specialized tricks meet the ability to bend time? What modes of expression does film represent, and how do they correlate with the infinite expressions of circus?

Capture this in 60 seconds, and you’re free to enter the competition!


3rd February: Announcement of the competition

21st Maj: Deadline for submission

14th – 17th June: DYNAMO Circus Festival. The films will loop in the OFF Roader (Cinema Circus Van) throughout the festival, and be shown at a main event on a big screen the 15th June.

15th June: The winner will be announced

28th August – 3rd September: OFF – Odense International Film Festival. The films will be screened during the festival. The winner will be invited.