How to order tickets

Ticket Reservations

At OFF you’re able to secure a seat in advance, and it’s easy! All our screenings and most of the events in the program are free.
100 % of the seats in a given venue can be booked in advance. All seats not booked in advance are available and can be occupied by last minute walk-ins. However, we recommend that you always book your tickets in advance.
Remember! You have to be at the screening no less than 15 minutes before it begins. If you are not there we reserve the right to give your ticket(s) to someone else.

– Check out the program to book your ticket.
– Click on a given program and if booking is possible for the given event (most of our screenings and events will have this option), press the ‘order tickets’-button.
– Fill in the number of tickets you need and press ‘order’.
– Lastly, fill in your information and press ‘place order’.

You can book up to four seats per screening. However, if you represent a school or an institution and wish to book a larger number of tickets, you can choose the ‘group’-option for more tickets.

OFF uses digital tickets, so please make sure you write the correct phone number. You will also receive an e-mail with your ticket.

We encourage environmental awareness, so please save a print and a piece of paper by using the text message ticket when possible.

Should you be prevented from attending your booking, please cancel your reservation as quickly as possible, so others may have the chance to sit in your seat.

To cancel, just follow the link you receive in the e-mail with the ticket.