OFF19 Award winners

Tonight OFF – Odense International Film Festival culminated in a spectacular award show and this year’s winners of four Oscar-qualifying categories, an EFA-nominee and final Robert nominees were found. It has been a wonderful week of film, love and community. Congratulations to all the winners!

Find the list of winning films in all categories below:

  • Grand Prix – HCA Award: “Bache Khor” (“Child Eater”) by Mohammad Kart
  • OFF Storyteller Award: “Fun Factory” by Lisa Brooke Hansen and Even Hafnor
  • OFF Artist Award: “Nursery Rhymes” by Tom Noakes
  • OFF Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards 2019 (EFA): “Oslo” by Shady Srour
  • Best Danish Short Film: “Mount Everest” by Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt
  • FilmFyn Talent Award: ”Draget” (”Drawn”) by Christian Bengtson
  • Børge Ring Award: “Lidérc Úr” (“Mr. Mare”) by Luca Tóth
  • Animation Talent Award: “Animals” by Tue Sanggaard
  • Best Short Documentary: “Après Le Silence” (“After the Silence”) by Sonam Larcin
  • The Soapbox Award: “Where Chaos Reigns” by Braulio Jatar and Anaïs Michel
  • Youth Award: “Ingen siger farvel men alle forsvinder” (“We Are All Leaving”) by Jonas Risvig
  • Publikumsprisen: “Ikki Illa Meint” by Andrias Høgenni
  • Pitch Me Baby, 1. præmie: “First Night” by Darshika Karunahara
  • Pitch Me Baby, 2. præmie: “No Family Photo” by Christian Einshøj
  • Robert Prisen Shortlist: “Draget” (“Drawn”) by Christian Bengtson, “Ikki Illa Meint” by Andrias Høgenni, ”Knæler” (”Mantis”) by Roberta Reichhardt, ”Savnet” (”Missing”) by Mads Reuther and ”Under bølgerne, over skyerne” (”Below the Waves, Above the Clouds”) by Katrine Brocks

OFF19 might be over, but there is still a chance to watch all the award-winning films as they are screened from morning to evening on Sunday 1/9 in Odense at Cafe biografen. Find the full schedule here.