Official Selection OFF24


Project Title Directors Competitions Country of Origin
A Study of Empathy Hilke Rönnfeldt Danish Competition Denmark
A Visualization of a Cut Claudia Munksgaard-Palmqvist Documentary Competition Denmark
Almost Free Sabrina Ferguen Odbjerg Danish Competition Denmark
Always / Never something else Jenny Rossander, Sebastian Cordes Documentary Competition Denmark
Another Without Me Emilie Fabricius Hacke Danish Competition Denmark
Assignment 4 Philip Anker Danish Competition Denmark
Chimera Andreas Vinther Danish Competition Denmark
Companion Nivetha Balasubramaniam Danish Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
Core Memory Patricia Drati Documentary Competition Denmark
Daddy Tissues Louise Hylland Danish Competition Denmark
Deer Luis Kølkjær Hansen Danish Competition Denmark
Fable Vladimir Tomic & Ana Pavlovic Documentary Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
Finders Keepers Mads Koudal Danish Competition Denmark
Free Fall Ivan Elmer Danish Competition Denmark
Freelance Luciano A. Muñoz Sessarego, Magnus I. Møller, Peter Smith Animation Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
Get a grip Jonas Robstad Nielsen, Magnus Axelsen Danish Competition Denmark
Good Grief! Terji Mohr Danish Competition Denmark
Growth Über Alles Muhamed Vejzovic Danish Competition Denmark
Heartbeats Thor Zing Danish Competition Denmark
Heritage Emilie Kroyer Koppel Danish Competition Denmark
Hex Agnes Trier Danish Competition Denmark
Homeward Trine Nadia Danish Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
House of Spores Frigge Fri Danish Competition Denmark
In the Sun Jonathan Rafael-Weis Danish Competition Denmark
Jumping Jack Gustav Werner Danish Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
Just the Usual Nanna Tange Danish Competition Denmark
Lovesick Alexander Saul Danish Competition Denmark
Macbeth SHAKES, Thomas Hwan, Mads Riisom Danish Competition Denmark
Monkey Movie Svanna Christiansen Animation Competition Denmark
Mor Tom Austen Danish Competition Denmark
Nice one, Aksel Kasper Leegaard Danish Competition Denmark
No more tears Mette Mørk Documentary Competition Denmark
Nothing Ventured Jesper Tønnes Danish Competition Denmark
Off-Pudding Tjelle Vejrup Danish Competition Denmark
One day you’ll be a star Florian Elabdi Documentary Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
Panacea Sarah Hoilund Danish Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
Princess No Entry Joachim Morre Danish Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
Puddle Maria-May Backhaus Brown, Mads Theodor Bonde Animation Competition Denmark
Rainbowdick Marie Limkilde Danish Competition Denmark
Ramona Macho Rigmor Albeck Ranthe Documentary Competition Denmark
Ray Incident Vela Klitgaard, Maria Tarp, Mikkel Mainz Animation Competition Denmark
Requiem Lars Mikkes Animation Competition Denmark
Safe Space Lina Vain Illalla Danish Competition Denmark
Seeking Hwa Sun Sandra Yi Sencindiver Danish Competition Denmark
Shutter Oscar Barañano Danish Competition Denmark
Sit.Play.Stay. Cecilie Flyger Hansen Documentary Competition Denmark
Takeaway Darshika Karunahara Danish Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
The House Atop The City Oliver Holm Jarnbye Animation Competition Denmark
The Red Bike Torben Bech Danish Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
The Rhyme Freja Refning Hansen Danish Competition Denmark
The struggle for existence Jannik Dahl Pedersen, Rasmus Skaarup Johansen Danish Competition Denmark
Trees Painted In Tar Casper Rudolf Danish Competition Denmark
Trial Shift Frederik Aagaard Hemmingsen Danish Competition Denmark
Unfold Oskar Kristian Vignisson, Selma Sunniva, Nicolai GH Johansen Danish Competition Denmark
Victor and the skate school Peter Bjerre Salling Documentary Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
What no one else can see Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt Danish Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
When we die Smilla Dreinø Khonsari Documentary Competition Denmark
Wild Child Sif Lina Lambæk Danish Competition and Youth Competition Denmark
螺旋 Jeppe Lange Documentary Competition Denmark


Project Title Directors Competitions Country of Origin
23 Elia Castangia International Competition Italy
A Beautiful Excuse For A Deadly Sin Hashim Sharaf International Competition Bahrain
A Clay Horse Abdullah Khan International Competition Pakistan
A Crab in the Pool Alexandra Myotte, Jean-Sébastien Hamel Animation Competition Canada
A Joke Trifun Sitnikovski International Competition Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
A Splinter in the Eye Harry Hayton Iles International Competition United Kingdom
A Summer’s End Poem Lam Can-zhao International Competition China, Switzerland, Malaysia
Addiction Tzuhsuan Peng International Competition Taiwan
Alok Alex Hedison Documentary Competition United States
Apnea Natalia Bermúdez International Competition and Youth Competition Mexico
Back To The Closet Gerald B. Fillmore International Competition Spain
Bannkorb Vincent Ercolani, Julius Schulze Farwick, Nicholas Dues International Competition Germany
Basri & Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy Khozy Rizal International Competition Indonesia
Been There Corina Schwingruber Ilić Documentary Competition Switzerland
Black Hat, White Hat Paul Vĩ Minh Nguyen, Keshia Hannam Documentary Competition United States
Blackhole Pradyumna Nandesh Patil International Competition India
Blood Machine Xiao Wenbo Animation Competition China
Burners Aulona Fetahaj International Competition Netherlands
Bye Bear Jan Blitzer Animation Competition Germany
Crust Jens Kevin Georg International Competition Germany
Don’t be afraid Mats Udd International Competition Sweden
Don’t Let Go Antonia Lorenza Lindner International Competition Germany
Electra Daria Kashcheeva Animation Competition Czech Republic
Every Day It Gets A Little Easier Cagil Bocut International Competition Turkey
Exhumator Christof Schürpf Documentary Competition Switzerland
Flatastic Alice Saey Animation Competition and Youth Competition France
Fox Tossing Zénó Kristóf Mira Animation Competition Hungary
Gardening Sarah Beeby Animation Competition United Kingdom
Gender Reveal Mo Matton International Competition Canada
Good t’see ya Nüll García International Competition Spain
Gudgudi (“Tickle”) Abhiroop Basu International Competition India
Have you seen her Astrid Felicia Ardagh Documentary Competition Norway
Haven Diana Szczotka Documentary Competition Poland
Heart Flutters Eliza Godlewska, Alan Ruczyński International Competition and Youth Competition Poland
I Am Here Cheyenne Goudswaard Animation Competition Netherlands
I Promise You Paradise Morad Mostafa International Competition and Youth Competition Egypt
In the Garden of Tulips Julia Elihu International Competition United States
Iran is a Woman’s Name Golara Khalilinejad Documentary Competition Portugal
Jungle Law Madli Lääne International Competition Estonia
Kinderfilm Adrian Jonas Haim, Robin Klengel Animation Competition Austria
La Perra Carla Melo Gampert Animation Competition France
La Voix des Sirènes Gianluigi Toccafondo Animation Competition Italy
Le sexe de ma mère Francis Canitrot Animation Competition France
Leila Fariba Haidari Documentary Competition Sweden
Little Deaths Chun-Yu Liu International Competition Taiwan
Looks Bad Ilén Juambeltz International Competition Uruguay
Lose Rubén Guindo Nova International Competition Spain
Lower Ground Firas Itani International Competition Lebanon
Machines Sigurd Bleken International Competition Norway
Margarethe 89 Lucas Malbrun Animation Competition France
Marion Joe Weiland, Finn Constantine International Competition United Kingdom
Matta and Matto Bianca Caderas, Kerstin Zemp Animation Competition Switzerland
National Anthem Jack Turits International Competition United States
Non Camille Bardaud, Tianying Zhang, Xiaoning Niu, Julie Sibille, Yanfeng Niu Animation Competition France
Now and Then: The Last Beatles Song Oliver Murray Documentary Competition United Kingdom
Nun or Never! Heta Jäälinoja Animation Competition Finland
One of Us Niina Vuorisara Documentary Competition Finland
Only You and Me Diego Monsiváis García International Competition Sweden
Parsifal Tilmann von Blomberg Animation Competition and Youth Competition Germany
Red Lorenzo Puntoni International Competition Italy
Seahorse Parents Miriam Guttmann Documentary Competition Netherlands
Sibling Laura Van Passel International Competition and Youth Competition Belgium
Sincopat Pol Diggler International Competition and Youth Competition Spain
Surface Anna Kekkonen Documentary Competition Finland
technically_breathing Markéta Müllerová Animation Competition Germany
The Assistant Pierre Llanos International Competition and Youth Competition Peru
The big dipper Anthony Bajon International Competition France
The body of the king Bianca Sescu, Emy Rodrigues International Competition and Youth Competition France
The Bride Hjördís Jóhannsdóttir International Competition Iceland
The Bunker Ian Killick International Competition United Kingdom
The Cutest and Funniest Animals in the World Renato Sircilli International Competition Brazil
The Dog Danielle Baynes International Competition Australia
The Family Portrait Lea Vidakovic Animation Competition Croatia
The Film Might Be White Sebastian Johansson Micci International Competition Sweden
The Film Of His Life Jules Carrin International Competition Switzerland
The Lovers Carolina Sandvik Animation Competition Sweden
The Masterpiece Àlex Lora International Competition Spain
The Sea in Between Lun Sevnik International Competition Slovenia, Czech Republic, Croatia
The Ugandan Quidditch Movement Ben Garfield Documentary Competition and Youth Competition United States
The Weight of Light Anna Hints International Competition Estonia, France
This Is a Story Without a Plan Cassie Shao Animation Competition United States
Tits Eivind Landsvik International Competition Norway
Tunnels Simon Ostermann, Seraina Nyikos Documentary Competition Germany
Unclean Simon Chouinard International Competition Canada
Wake Michael-David McKernan International Competition Ireland
Wander to Wonder Nina Gantz Animation Competition Belgium
Wildmen of the Greater Toronto Area Solmund MacPherson International Competition Canada
With All Due Humanity Kacper Checinski International Competition France
Zima Tomek Popakul, Kasumi Ozeki Animation Competition Poland