How to order tickets for OFF21

As always you will have to buy tickets for the screenings that you would like to experience at OFF21. The price is 20 Dkk pr. ticket. This ensures that there won’t be lines forming in front of our venues, it also means that you are no longer able to simply show up for a screenings hooping there is a spot.

Remember you have to show up to screenings at least 15 minutes before.

– Visit programmes and find the program you want to buy tickets for.
– Click on the program and choose the screening you wish to buy a ticket for.
– Afterwards click on ‘køb billet’, and choose the type of ticket.
–Then choose the amount of tickets you want.
– Click on ‘næste’ and fill out the required information in the form.
–Finalise you purchase by clicking ‘afslut ordre’.

OFF uses mobile tickets, we therefore ask you to make sure that you typed the correct mobile number. You will also recieve a ticket via mail, which is also valid if you did not recieve a tekst ticket.

We do recommend using the SMS-ticket, where its possible, to save the enviroment a print.

All purchases are final.