Dear festival guest

OFF – Odense International Film Festival takes all employees and guests’ health and safety very seriously, and we wish for you to feel safe in case you pay us a visit in week 35. We of course adhere to the health authorities’ guidelines with regard to Covid-19, and we take all necessary precautions regarding good hygiene and safety.

This means that your visit at the festival will be a little different compared to previous years. As for the big silver screen, however, you can expect a great experience like always.

Furthermore, as a new initiative this year, we have created a digital platform so that no matter your health situation or geographical whereabouts, you will be able to get access to OFF’s amazing films. Check it out here

In order for festival guests to be able to keep appropriate social distance at the screening venues, only every second seat will be sold, which means that there will be fewer tickets than usual available for the screenings, and hence the programmes might sell out faster.

In case the government raises the current limit for the ban on large events and gatherings, more tickets will become available. In case the limit is lowered, guests will be accommodated within the guidelines according to date of ticket booking.


Extra actions this year:

  • Valid tickets are mandatory for all programmes at the festival.
  • All of our big outdoor events, receptions and parties have been cancelled.
  • All venues will be cleaned continuously throughout the week, and hand sanitizer will be available at all relevant spots.
  • Only every other seat is sold – and all of our screenings comply with the social distancing guidelines. Read more about the booking procedures above.

We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the health authorities’ guidelines, and naturally we ask you to stay home in case you experience any symptoms whatsoever.

The festival will of course adapt to comply with the authorities’ guidelines, should there be any changes. In that case, you can find updates here on our website filmfestival.dk/en

Take care of yourself and each other – and have a great festival!

Keep your distance
Keep your hands clean
Keep a cool head
And a warm heart <3