Super16’s footprint at OFF

At the 2018 edition of the festival, this year’s Artistic Profile, the alternative film education Super16, presents a splendid programme, focusing on the film industry as a team effort. The team. The collective. The spirit of communion.

The Super16-programme contains 12 events, focusing on both the flock and individual, LGBTQ+, continuing work relationships, improvisation, the film language of the future and so much more. They take stock of their own generation, explores dramedy, hunts desire with desire, says goodbye to the closed multi-cam education, and lets us get lost in the absurdity of the world. During the festival, a new experiment will begin, which will underline the need for artistic freerange, both for the personal creative thought and the ideas we share with each other – an experiment that will become the new manifest for Danish film!

“We hope that our programme will give the audience a desire to explore the film environment that exist right now, and we are looking forward to extend the festival community and share it with you – all here in Odense, who, once again, lends its heart to us.”

You’ll find the entire Super16-programme at the festivals website, where you can read more and book your ticket.