Terms & Conditions

Purchase of ticket(s)

Odense International Film Festival is the ticket supplier (Organiser), and the ticket holder is solely responsible before purchase to make themselves aware of this fact and to ensure that any ticket(s) purchased is valid for the right event, and that the date and time are correct. Organiser reserves the right to changes.



The full amount for all ticket(s) paid for with credit card/Dankort will be withdrawn at once from card holder’s account, as the ticket(s) will be available to card holder immediately after payment.


Right of withdrawal

Any purchased ticket(s) is refunded in case of cancellation. The cost of the ticket(s) is refunded in full and the ticket(s) made invalid. Postage fees may apply. Please also note that according to section 17(2) cf. section 9(2) no. 2a of “Act on certain consumer contracts”, purchase of tickets is not subject to the right of withdrawal. Purchased tickets will only be refunded in the event of cancellation.


Loss and compensation

Lost tickets are not refunded but can be replaced. Contact Organiser for a replacement, issued digitally or by mail. Fees may apply.


Piracy and resale of ticket(s)

Each ticket purchased has got a unique barcode, valid for a specific event according to the description of said event. The barcode will only be accepted once. This means that the ticket cannot be copied or otherwise attempted used more than once. It is not permitted to transfer purchased tickets for commercial or other business purposes. Violation of this provision will result in cancellation of the ticket on the part of Odense International Film Festival, and all attempts at piracy or resale for commercial purposes will be reported to the authorities.

Please note that in case of duplicate tickets, the first ticket holder to arrive will be given admission.



Ticket holder must be notified within 24 hours in the event of changes in time or date for an event. In cases of changes, ticket holder is entitled to a full refund. See ’Cancellations’.



An event has been cancelled if the event is not performed at all. Changes to the repertoire, the date, partial performance of the event, etc. are accordingly not considered cancellation, and the ticket price will normally not be refunded. If an event is cancelled, Organiser will refund the cost of ticket(s). Postage fees may apply. The ticket can only be refunded by Organiser.



Any complaint regarding events as well as ticket purchases must be addressed directly to Organiser Odense International Film Festival – contact filmfestival@odense.dk


Errors and emissions excepted

Errors and emissions in ticket prices and descriptions excepted.



No additional charges or fees are applied to payments with Dankort.


Security policy

No sensitive personal information is required to complete a ticket purchase. Odense International Film Festival does not share information with any third party. All communication between ticket holder and Organiser is encrypted. Accordingly, no one else will be able to see your card details or personal details. Your card details are submitted directly to PBS, and Organiser does not save the card details.


Seller (Organiser) responsibility

Organiser alone is responsible for the completion of all advertised events. If an event is cancelled (see ’Cancellations’), Organiser is bound to refund the full ticket price to ticket holder, excepting fees and postage.


The above conditions are subject to ongoing revision according to rules and regulations. The purchase agreement is subject to the general rules of Danish law.