Welcome OFFstream!

We are proud to present our new streaming service, OFFstream.dk! At OFFstream you can dive right into amazing shortfilms in all genres, from all over the world and everything is for free!

Revisit previous festival films

We have gathered an impressive array of short films screened at previous festivals – starting at OFF15 up until today! You will find more than 170 films that will excite you, startle you and amaze you exactly as they did, when you watched them the last time. Now you can watch them when you want and where you want and all it will cost you is your time!

How to go OFFstream:

  • To see a collection of all the films, click on the waves in the right corner and click on ‘alle film’. Here you will also find some movies with an ‘OFF20’ label – you cannot access those movies unless you live in Denmark. Read more below.
  • If you want to find a specific movie, you can use the search bar. You can also find movies according to country of origin, length, genre and the year, they were shown at the festival. Most of the titles are in English.
  • You will get suggestions on new amazing films based on what you previously watched on OFFstream.dk
  • You can also choose to watch our curated playlists – click on the wave and then on ‘filmpakker’. For example you can watch previous winner films, get your ANI FIX or watch movies about sex.

OBS: Most of the streaming service is in Danish, but all of the movies have subtitles and mostly English titles. We are aware of the problem and are working on translating OFFstream.

What else is on OFFstream?

OFFstream also contains special packages made in collaboration with Med Skolen i Biografen and this year’s online festival OFF20, who unfortunately in geo blocked and only available if you live in Denmark. If you do live in Denmark, you have access to this year’s amazing online festival: all the 129 films selected for competition at OFF20 as well as video greetings from the directors. You get access to all of this for two weeks (24th of August to the 6th of September) for 89 kr.