The Robert nominees for this year’s short film: Fiction / Animation must be found at OFF

The Danish Film Academy is now revealing the 10 shortlisted short films that are a part of the process of being nominated for the Robert Prize 2020 for the Short Film of the Year: Fiction / Animation.

This is the fifth time the Film Academy is collaborating with OFF – Odense International Film Festival to raise the highest possible awareness of the fabulous foundation of Danish film found in the production of short films in Denmark. The Film Academy Robert 2020 will kickstart by the announcement of the 10 shortlisted film.

From August 6, Film Academy members can vote among the 10 shortlisted Danish short films. All the films will also appear in the cinema during OFF. The five nominees will be revealed at OFF’s festive award ceremony on Saturday, August 31st.

“There are 10 exciting and versatile films that represent the best in this year’s productions, and we could not wish for a more competent partner to help find the ten shortlisted films,” says the President of the Danish Film Academy, Jacob Neiiendam, about OFF, and continues, “we are excited that the audience at the festival will have the opportunity to see the films on the big canvas, they deserve it.”

Who is going to win the ROBERT PRIZE for Short Film of the Year: Fiction / Animation

will only be revealed at the ROBERT award ceremony in January 2020.


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Danish Film Academy, Mette Bubandt Aagaard, metbub@hotmail.com, 25380350

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Shortlist In the category Short Film of the Year: Fiction/Animation:

  • Bølger / Producers: Ann-Sofie Grøndal & Thomas Elley, Instruktør: Thomas Elley
  • Draget / Hyæne Film, Producers: Robin Hounisen & Anna Cold Winge Leisner, Instruktør: Christian Bengtson
  • Hvis der var krig i Norden / Regner Grasten Film Production A/S, Producer: Regner Grasten, Instruktør: Puk Grasten
  • Ikki illa meint / Meta Film, Producer: Johannes Rothaus Nørregaard, Instruktør: Andrias Høgenni
  • Knæler / Fifty Fifty Entertainment & Den danske scenekunstskole, Producer: Alma Dyekjær Giese, Instruktør: Roberta Reichhardt
  • Mellem sten og et hårdt sted / Mellow, Producers: Christopher Jermiin Anker & Martin Rasmussen, Instruktør: Mads Koudal
  • Mount Everest / Bacon & Raptus, Producer: Laura Valentiner-Bohse, Instruktør: Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt
  • Savnet / Hyæne Film, Producer: Daniel Mühlendorph & Robin Hounisen, Instruktør: Mads Reuther
  • Tre brødre / Jalabert Production, Producers: Anders Niels Berg & Christian Norlyk, Instruktør: Lasse Ulvedal Tolbøll
  • Under Bølgerne, Over Skyerne / Den danske filmskole, Producer: Pernille Tornøe, Instruktør: Katrine Brocks